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Hello There!

Sara’s diary is the world of blogging where we are here to inspire one another.

The sky is not the limit and you can share your experiences with me anytime. Launched the blog in February 2017 to Connect with Foodies, marketers, Game of Thrones fans, Bloggers, and explorers from around the world. Join me to meet and greet one another whenever possible.If you are a Foodie and Love to share your views regarding the eateries then my friend you have found the right place. The blog is regarding marketing tips,motivational stories,fiction,movies and Foodilish Pakistan-a group I created to share my food experiences.

More facts about me:

  • Cat lover- I used to have 22+ cats so you can Imagine how much I love cats.
  • I love to travelling either it is related to Food or exploring new place in Karachi.
  • Music Lover-Like who can Live without music right?
  • Artist and Fashionista-I create my own style in terms of fashion and Love drawing.
  • Employed as a social media manager-How cool is that?
  • Active social worker and volunteer-What is better than giving back to the society right?

Be Prepared to Meet the world of endless opportunities from the view of the Marketer, Artist, Foodie, Social Media Enthusiast and Lastly your Friend.

#Foodilish #Pakistan #Blogger #Karachi #KarachiBlog #Blogging #PakistaniBloggers

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  1. Aren’t you a cute girl, Sara. Found your blog through one of the FB blogger groups, I am also part of. Keep up the good work. Btw, cute nose 😛😛
    I blog at http://www.theextraaamile.com. I used to blog at wordpress before, until I moved to my own little website. Do hop on for a visit 😊😊
    Have a wonderful day

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