A Journey to Budget Bazaar-Karachi

Traveling all the way from defense to KDA the market I have never explored being one of the famous markets in Karachi ,was one of the unforgettable experience in a sweet way .

Being on Budget ?

Remember when our Parent’s gave us long lectures of savings , still we end up spending our money and at the end of each month we go on crying about it and be like “oh ,I should have saved the money”.Yep same ๐Ÿ˜€ .. *Pfft *we all do that,especially when you are a foodie and…

Being a Suffian martian?!Short story

This is the piece of writing I did 2 years back when I entered the gates of dha suffa university and didn’t know what it was like to spend time in uni ,yet alone 4 years of life in one place.So i wanted to share this fictional/humorous story I wrote few years back …I do…

Oh-I hatched today!

Who thinks birthdays are boring?and celebrating them is also boring..well I like to think the contrary ,as I LOVE THEM …the truth is that.I may act like i do not want to celebrate one..but hey why not?after all you get all kind of beautiful gifts today? right? ๐Ÿ˜› nah …when you get older you don’t…..

KFC Pakistan-“Adding Hope to Life”

KFC Pakistan a well known name held an event with the motto of “Mitao Bhook” on Pakistan’s Resolution day 23rd March.The aim of the event was to gather the children from various schools ,gather celebrities like Sarwat Gillani,Nida khan as well as bloggers from various avenues to gave them a “voice”.The ย voice of underprivileged class…