A Hidden Gem-Season of Smiles (SOS)

Karachi is the city where new places are opening every day and what amazes me are the people who come up with the brilliant ideas to start their businesses.Who would have thought that SOS -Season of Smiles, a restaurant can be open in the woods?

Foodies Ramadan

Muslims are celebrating Ramadan which is the month of blessings and Foodilish Pakistan is celebrating it with some great reviews and recipes from the Foodies all over Pakistan.Some of the members “Farhaj Ahmed” have put some brilliant reviews in the past 20 days so shout out to him from Foodilish Pakistan Admins. Let’s look at…


This is the story of the fifth generation of sushi-the popular dish of 20th century and now it’s revival in the 21st century.Where it all started?Well it was thought to be started somewhere in the second century A.D and spread from China to Japan where fish is the necessity in their meals.The Japanese would ferment…

Life of a Foodie-Reviews

Foodilish Pakistan group has some amazing member’s who amazes us every time with their wonderful reviews!Here are some pics of our foodies out there who have dined and indulged in some spectacular food this week…

Food Wonderland-Pakistan

As each country has some uniqueness to it,so is our beloved country Pakistan which has the world class cuisine .