Voice beyond the Wall-Twelve Love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World

The Voices beyond the wall is a nonfiction film directed by Brad Coley and subtitled as ‘Twelve love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World.’

 In 2017 the film got released based on the actual story of the lives of the people living in the San Pedro Sula, a city famous for its violence. The film takes the viewers into the safe heaven Nuestras Pequenas Rosas (our little Roses), Honduras. In 2012, Spencer Reece traveled there to teach the children poetry, and English and the Executive producer James Franco turned the works done by Reece into the short film (Linden, 2017).

The film talks about the lives of the girls whose parents abandoned them and they live In the violent city where their lives are not safe. The voices tell the poems the girls write regarding their dreams, hopes in front of the camera. The film offers the life’s of the girls in the orphanage and bonding of the girls with each other from their smallest day to day interactions while living in that place. The film also offers the glimpses of terror and complex truths of the society for the women who have to fight every day to survive such as a car full of bullets. It captures an inspiring connection between Reece and his students who live in their paradise surrounded by terror (Linden, 2017).

The reason for filming The Voices is to give meaning to the poems published by some of the girls and honors their wishes. It also brings awareness regarding the orphanage and how the poetry classes with the visiting instructors help them to express their emotions with their words. The story was built tremendously well and keep the audience engaged the whole time. The lighting, little glimpse and camera location are chosen well for the public to solve the poems and answers by themselves. The film is recommended for other students as well to learn and find hope in the smallest things in their lives.


Linden, S. (2017). Voices beyond the wall the hollywood review:Miami 2017. Retrieved from http://www.voicesbeyondthewallmovie.com/


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