A Hidden Gem-Season of Smiles (SOS)

Karachi is the city where new places are opening every day and what amazes me are the people who come up with the brilliant ideas to start their businesses.Who would have thought that SOS -Season of Smiles, a restaurant can be open in the woods?


Yes! You hear that right guy; the place is a hidden gem under the trees.

The journey of the Season of smiles restaurant started from the partnering of two friends who adores food.It is a new startup which opened its doors just opposite to the famous Dolmen mall Clifton just few weeks ago. Not a usual dhaba style restaurant, one must say neither something which we see in Karachi. SOS brilliantly utilized the space and decorated the trees with lovely fairy lights.Wall paintings and colorful bottles hanging from the trees.

Another thing which is worth mentioning is that they have Ah-Mazing food and children would love the open space.Okay now coming to the food part the owner served their specialty of the house: SOS paratha’s, Kashmiri chai,namkeen boti, plain paratha.For a single person, I must say the serving sizes were quite generous and reasonable as well.

I loved the filling of the SOS paratha’s with cheese, chicken and the sauce was a perfect combination of the whole meal.

Kashmiri chai-What makes a good Kashmiri chai is the garnishing of dry fruits in it and the authentic taste.SOS served me a good Kashmiri chai which I have not tasted in Karachi so thumbs up to them.

Namkeen boti that contains chicken pieces cooked to perfection along with plain paratha is for the people who love BBQ items like me.

If you are planning to go to Dolmen mall Clifton, do visit SOS guys which is just opposite to the mall.


Rating: 8/10
Environment: 9/10
Food: 9/10.

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