Away, Break and Back…

Yes, you hear that right, I was away from the world of blogging in order to fulfill my other responsibilities.What were they?Where was I lost for the Past 2 months?

Well, You have to read more in order to find it out.

First of all, I would Like to tell you guys after graduating the one thought that comes to every university student mind for which they are afraid to answer is “their job” after that.Therefore in the quest to find a job and start a living of my own, I took a break from the blogging world.

It was an exhausting short lived journey because soon after I graduated I got a call from one of the writing firms to join them as a Research Analyst.Voila! A writing Job, Oh that is my kind of Job.Therefore, my dear followers, I was so busy and caught up in my work that I forgot to write a blog and reconnect with each one of you (Opss).Forgive me Sometimes life turns in unexpected and twisted ways that you are lost in the race as well.So did I.I always wanted to join a marketing firm or become a social media manager instead I get to another skill.For the past 3 months, I am polishing up my writing skills to be better in it.That was one of the reasons of being away

That was one of the reasons of being away beside this what else?

Besides the Job, I am a group admin of one of the Face book Groups  ‘Foodilish Pakistan’ which is a huge responsibility too.It is my passion and first love where I write posts, as well as design Graphic Content.Do check it out guys if you have not.Love to see you guys out there ^_^

Well Now I am Back and I am Promising you guys that I will Write  Better Stuff than ever before.You will see a lot of changes happening in my diary.I will be doing the posting of topics I really wanted to talk about as well updating you guys regarding my Life.

So Stay Tuned to my Blog.Follow My Instagram, Twitter and Stay Awesome!


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