Being on Budget ?

Remember when our Parent’s gave us long lectures of savings , still we end up spending our money and at the end of each month we go on crying about it and be like “oh ,I should have saved the money”.Yep same 😀 .. *Pfft *we all do that,especially when you are a foodie and you love to explore new places…It ain’t happen on it’s own you know! 😛 

This feeling of constant trauma that if you spend a lot whose going to pay for your funeral?Just kidding.But yeah with the ever increasing high cost of living being on budget all the time really sucks especially if you are an earning individual like me who has to keep check and balances.But sometimes  being on budget is good if you see the bright side as get better understanding of how to spend your money effectively and on the things you really require.I am not a huge fan of budget myself but at the end of the day due to our limited incomes and unlimited wants I also have to keep check n balances *sobs*.From shopping to eating at my favorite places places ,I have to manage carefully so that I can save up but unfortunately that never happens *Ouch*!

So Ladies and gentleman, if there is some invitation pending on your list to visit a budget Bazaar especially if you are living in Karachi ,Do not give a second thought to it I repeat,do visit IT.Talking about events there is this event happening tomorrow  in KDA by the name of “Budget Bazaar”.I am excited to visit the Grand Opening tomorrow because what else does a lady want ?Endless shopping and one stop shopping solution *yep yep* with delicious food *fingers crossed*.

I will let you guys know how was my experience there till then do not forget to visit their face book page 🙂

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  1. Love this post in Holland we might have something similar called big bazar! Xoxo Annaleid

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