This is the story of the fifth generation of sushi-the popular dish of 20th century and now it’s revival in the 21st century.Where it all started?Well it was thought to be started somewhere in the second century A.D and spread from China to Japan where fish is the necessity in their meals.The Japanese would ferment their cured-fish and rice-sushi with Japanese rice and wine and now this dish has become popular through the world including Pakistan.

In Japan it was reserved for special occasions and is thought to be an expensive meal as it’s the raw fish over rice and inside out rolls that needs to be prepared for it.It depends upon the country’s fish quality as well and Pakistan produces world’s finest fishes.Usually it is believed that larger fishes are edible to eat when they are raw some of which includes tuna.

Although I have never tried it myself yet but I would like to try it one day as My Foodilish member’s have both positive and negative reviews regarding it.So here is what Pakistani citizens have to say about their experiences follow the link below 🙂



These may be few reviews regarding it let me know your experience regarding to it as well,as i have yet to try it.Some of the famous restaurants to try in Karachi for sushi are:

  • Tao Pan
  • Fujiyama
  • Chairman Mao
  • Ocean Tempura
  • Torres Avari

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    This was interesting to read.

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        Most welcome.

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