Risks taker or risk averse?

While writing this topic I had to reflect,ponder and had to consider everyone’s true best friend i.e none other than Google .As I searched and searched I thought “Every article ,everything is useless until or unless I have practically done this myself” .For me what it’s like to be risk taker?or who is the risk averse person?…

I thought about it and one thing that came into my mind is that being a risk taker is hard ,its easily said then done.Its an uncertainty, the leap of faith you have to take while making important choices of your life such as what career path to choose after graduation?This was the biggest uncertainty of our lives and the risk each one of us has to take, the careers we have to choose and whether we would happy in it or not?

Risk takers as it may seem “Jack of all trades,master of none” is not like this,for me it’s exploring the vast land of opportunities out there ,sail in the undefined territories and see what this world has to offer.It’s difficult yes!But it’s not impossible.Risk taking is not everyone’s piece of cake as not everyone is willing to let go of the comfortable seat and sit on the hot iron bench.Take your time and ask yourself can you do it.Challenge yourself If they can then why not me?if not me than who?

On the other side of the coin is the comfortable rosy side of the picture which is being a risk averse person.Where you do not want to leave the cave because you think there are other big creatures out there who will hunt you down, the second you land your foot outside the cave I.e the second you choose to be risk taker in your career.But it’s highly unlikely that some creatures will do that to your poor soul.You have to stand up straight and look that creature into the eyes and say “Hey!I am not afraid of you” and that my friend is the goal of you life.Remember you have to see your strengths ,weaknesses while playing in this juggling game because not everything requires you to take risks.

It’s okay to not leave that cozy seat,at the end of the day it’s your choice.Give yourself time,sometimes it’s good to give yourself little challenges to see that it was only fear that was stopping you.As long as you are happy with either of the choices it’s good to go.

What do you think are you a risk taker or not?Let me know the career risks you have taken in your life.

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