Being a Suffian martian?!Short story

This is the piece of writing I did 2 years back when I entered the gates of dha suffa university and didn’t know what it was like to spend time in uni ,yet alone 4 years of life in one place.So i wanted to share this fictional/humorous story I wrote few years back …I do not want to share the whole piece as it was too long but yeah (giggles) enough suspense now!


“….being a suffian believe it or not is not easy-u have to face the thousand daggers thrown at your face when u tell someone u are from dha suffa and they stare u for a minute or two as if you are from some Martian planet”

Hey  dear fella ,out there-don’t be disappointed by the mere title I just used ,referring to all of us .i do not intend to make yourself or myself or any suffian out there in any planet to feel alienated. Just grab your seat belts and read my article before taking the every opportunity of hitting me with your swords!I am literally using the sword word here because we all are the kings and queens of our own little world I guess.

Well this story doesn’t contain any fiction creatures or any kings or queens it’s just a story of you and me. Before we enter the gates of suffa’s dungeons or rather the gates of a new galaxy where everything near to it is barren or nearly lifeless so does it seems.yea yea ! I know.i know  I have just pointed one of the things we all notice before coming to suffa. But hey don’t let your spirits down by this… there’s a lot of good stuff in here and you will surely experience it once u enter this kingdom .

So enough suspense now , here’s the deal I tell u my viewpoint of suffa before coming here which has  definitely changed   and in return you guys reconsider what u think about this galaxy suffa  once again In a more positive way….

So people did you like it?let me know your viewpoint regarding this.

For those who do not know what Dha suffa is :it’s my university,my second home,a place to which words aren’t enough to describe.Because I am about to graduate now and I will surely miss it .Here is a little meme I found amusing 😀




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