Be Better-Self Reflection -(2 min read)

“Being born and not making a difference in the society means you have not explored yourself enough”.

Not many may agree,but hear me out on this..for me life is a constant set of trails and tribulations but you move on from one phase to another.I believe truly in the above statement and for me life is more than just that-getting married-kids-cooking-pay bills-die!


what i believe in?…….I believe I can do better than this and why not?don’t we owe this much to ourselves?Go explore the world ,live your life,stay humble stay hungry.Never stop believing you are far precious than what anyone says.


Yesterday as such trail of thoughts came into my mind and today after having an interview at a firm I meet some really humble and wonderful people who gave constructive criticism on me.I really believe in life you meet such honest people rarely and if you do meet one never miss the opportunity working under them.

At the time being I said no them,but after thinking critically about their proposition I thought they are right!Getting a job straightforwardly was my goal,but realizing that I do not have that much experience in my digital field I called them back after coming home now lets see how it turn out to be 🙂

What do you guys think did I made the right choice?or should I never ringed them back just because I have applied for a manage position and instead I got an internee position?

#self reflection #selfmotivation #powerfulwords #betteryou #bebetter #reflect #taketime #goals #life #experience



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