Oh-I hatched today!

Who thinks birthdays are boring?and celebrating them is also boring..well I like to think the contrary ,as I LOVE THEM …the truth is that.I may act like i do not want to celebrate one..but hey why not?after all you get all kind of beautiful gifts today? right? 😛 nah …when you get older you don’t.. *sobs*that’s part of being a grown up.

As you can see today May 5th was the day i was hatched from the dinosaurs eggs and came alive.Just kidding….a dinosaur’s egg even wont be big enough for me 😛 Well,as the day started and being a student I had to attend all my classes of university ,well yes i actually did that today!can you believe it ? neither can I  😀 being a birthday girl not every wish comes true.SURPRISE SURPRISE :p

Then the good thing about being hatched today is that i have to give a treat to my class fellows  which actually was a penalty as well from our teacher *sobs* due to short of attendance in one of my courses and then it turns out that the whole day was a treat session day .You might be wondering why am I not sharing the details  more  because well i had an interview tomorrow and I am sleepy *sorry* but i must say the menu was simply great,as one of my friend actually cooked for 20 plus people which is a chinese dish called kung pao-more like kung fu.Oh it was spicy!but adding a little spice in your life wouldn’t hurt?besides that your tongue cant tolerate spices and you started crying from it .Opsies daisies.The menu was simple yet tasty as it varies from sandwich to pastry..to chinese to biryani ..all in one day!WHO HAVE SEEN THREE TREATS IN ONE DAY RIGHT?so i was one of the lucky few who had this chance and voila my birthday ended.That’s it for today…I hope my next birthday is better and not full of self loathing-sadness filled-memories :v Just kidding!

What do you guys think about my birthday?how do you celebrate yours?let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. Antediluvian says:

    Happy belated birthday, Sara. 🙂

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  2. I remember my 21st birthday I had classes from 7:30 am to 10:00pm with a tiny two hour break in the middle. In the short break I lived it up (drinks and even a piercing in there somewhere), and then went to my cinema class which was awesome, followed by linguistics which was always an easy class. I’m a super fan of birthdays myself. 😉

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    1. thanks for sharing your story ^_^ hahahaha atleast you got the two hours off i had continous classes 😦 amd had a serious boring birthday XD

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