Coke and the Zalimaa Wars!


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make ,but a story you tell”-Seth Godin

A  story would not be a word for this brand but a master storyteller i must say ,especially for the recent campaign of coca cola.The way they show their story in their recent ad’s with simple acting is ravishing ,where a person just holds a bottle in his hand and his gestures depicts what coke is meant for him. These stories were displayed in the previous ad’s of coke in 2016.But lets talk about more recent versions of their campign which the talk of the town, going viral throughout social media…..

Have you came across this brilliant campaign of coke? If not so,just leave everything right now and open the the social media page of COKE and NESTLE EVERYDAY!The “zalimaa wars” as i call it which started a year back has returned but with a twist.Coke is competing head on with tea? Unbelievable but quite smart marketing I must say.Here’s a glimpse of the ad:


Zalima chaye nae coca cola pial dei” -Zalima not tea but give me coke to drink” depicts the wedding couple where the bride and the groom are sitting on a stage and the wather is quite hot as we can easily relate especially in Pakistan.But ….as the groom’s mother says when tea is being served to them “zalima coca cola pila dei” and the bride says “mujhe bhi” changes the retrospective approach overall.A plain simple words but with a deep rooted meaning.they are saying coke is better than chai at this temperature.A quite brave move one must say.

This ad has got quite a hype in Pakistani audience as they are the die hard fans of tea including me.But how coke carries and catches the audience attention and keep them  further engaged on the social media pages is quite entertaining and brilliant.Here is another ad of  “NESTLE EVERYDAY AD”  in response to COKE,as the tea industry faced direct competition when this ad was advertised in the following month of March.

Here’s a glimpse of how nestle everyday tackled the zalima’s situation:17861589_1453222304721776_3482496198419744599_n

Now lets wait and watch where this “Zalima ” will end but we are anxious about how coke would further defend it’s move.Lets keep the zalimaa wars strong!what do you say about the Coca cola marketing strategy?Yaay or naay?


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  1. John says:

    I could not refrain fdom commenting. Exeptionally welpl written! These
    aare genuineky fantastic idas iin oon tthe toic off blogging.
    You hwve touuched ome nicee poihts here. Anyy wayy keep upp wrinting.
    I could noot rdfrain ffrom commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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