KFC Pakistan-“Adding Hope to Life”


KFC Pakistan a well known name held an event with the motto of “Mitao Bhook” on Pakistan’s Resolution day 23rd March.The aim of the event was to gather the children from various schools ,gather celebrities like Sarwat Gillani,Nida khan as well as bloggers from various avenues to gave them a “voice”.The  voice of underprivileged class of Pakistan who do not have any quality of education and who has to face the bitter face of reality everyday.For them everyday is a survival mode ,for them everyday is tough.They do not have the facilities like us.The driver,the cell phone,the safe transport,the infrastructure with Air conditioned rooms.And still we feel like we have nothing.Ask this question from the one’s who are suffering everyday in Pakistan due to lack of basic necessities in life.

What KFC Pakistan did?It took the first steps very few of us are capable of or afraid to take.KFC Pakistan partnered with “Zindagi trust” as well as various other institutes of Pakistan to serve the Pakistani community.The agenda was simple“EDUCATE THE MINDS”.That’s what we need ,That’s what Pakistan needs!

KFC Pakistan invited the school children at their outlet to spend a day with us.Various activities were planned for them in which singing national songs,speeches on Pakistan resolution day were made ,by those children .I was surprised to see the level of intellect these children have,the speech made by one of them with the proper command on Urdu language even though she was just 8-10 years old.

We were all given the opportunity as a blogger to be experience it and were delighted to see that someone cares for the well being of our society.KFC with its CSR Initiative gave those children the voice ,now it’s time to carry the light further and help every child who is not privileged enough like us to have proper education in Pakistan .Because of not us then who?If not now,then when?Ask yourself this question.

Here are few highlights of the event held on 23rd March.

#KFCPakistan #Mitaobhook #Addhopetozindagi #EducatePakistan



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