Silencing “it” is not easy..


Once upon a time,there was this  girl who believed she could silence it,when she saw it following her in the dark alley she used to run away.Running away was helpful,Running was all she knew as it was the easy part out of it.But as she grow older she realized she has to face it,it is what have made her come so far across the world,it is what defines her somehow.

What was “it”?Who was “it”?

It was what dwells in the dark.It was what dwells in your soul and eats you alive .Slowly you feel like a worthless ,meaningless piece of crap.Yes, it does happens to most of us and its what we have grown ourselves over the period of time.It’s instilled in our blood,if we try to run away from it ,it follows us anywhere everywhere .It is what we call our own demons,our anxieties. That big demon who hides under our own skin and grows like a parasite.After being its prey it finds another and then another and the chain goes on.

Its also that continuous feeling of never being good enough for anything or anyone.That feeling of hopelessness when all you do is stare at the empty ceilings or want to just lay in bed all day all night doing nothing,feeling nothing.But as we do all this we see its part of us now.We start living with it and enjoys it company somehow.Our head goes bonkers when we are alone and when your head starts to speak up ,silencing it is not easy.It never was and it never will be but you start living with it.But if you want to end it ,you have to find the solution yourself as well ,as one day or another you come across it again and you have take that poison out of your head as slowly it will kill you,it will kill you it will kill you real hard and slow..




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