Life is a game, wanna play?(4 min read)


Life is a game and you are the player?

Like one pawn in the game of chess.Sometimes you are the queen ,sometimes you are a soldier .Being each  of them you have to be something greater,you have to muster up all of your courage and play the roles which Life demands out of you.

Have you thought about it?Life asked.

No.She said..

Life answered:Oh it is. my dear friend!Life demands you to play it.

She:But I do not know anything about it.How exactly to play it?

Life:Well let me teach you  some of the rules of “Life” then.It might take you some time to understand these rules but once you do you will thank “Life” for it.

And Life gave the list of the rules to the little girl to follow in the game.

1-If you act like a victim  in life,you will be the victim all of your life.Stand up ,do not let fear take a hold on you,Get up look at the mirror.You are a warrior and you are going to get what you want in life either by hook or by crook.

2-Do not stress over the things which you can’t control ,Let life control it.Life know’s what is best for you.If it was meant to be ,it would have happened a long time ago but life has got some better plans for you.

3-You have to Play hard if you want Life to give you something in return in this game.You can not be the victim as the rule 1 says.You have to Not let anyone or anything dictate you who or what you want to be in life.It’s your life and it’s your game.Not theirs.Not your friends,not your family’s,You got to take in charge of your own game.

4-Move on if you think your life is stuck at same old stuff,same old fight’s same old sorrows.Take risks,Life wants you to play this game,so go play in the meadows,go play at the mountain tops.But Do not stop.You may need a lot of courage to do that,but once you will Life will reward you with something far greater.

4-Finally,You have to define what life is for you?that’s the most important rule of all!

She:What do you mean by the defining the “life” with all her innocence.

Life:For some life is as meaningless as a smoke in the air,For some life is everything they will kill to get their own life,for some its happiness ,peace,family,for some it’s spreading smiles on other faces,for some it’s peace of mind and last but not least some people’s life is present in another human beings in the form of “love”.

She:Oh,this game is tough,while thinking what life is for her?

And Life smirked real hard as L”Life” looked at the innocent looking girl whose about to jump in the game with it.You know why Life smirked?It smirked because life knows what it is like to be the player in life’s game.No one can win it ,no can lose it and That’s the best part of it……..To be continued!



Let me know what do you guys think of this written piece of mine?Love to hear from you guys as well .:)





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