What is Foodilish Pakistan? (2 min read)



“Foodilish” a strange word ,a new word some might say but a word which means so much more.We got an inspiration from my fellow members to create a Pakistani group wholly based on our traditions,values and culture .We need that .We need to show the world that we are a nation of beautiful traditions,delicious food and lovely people.Its more than just a face book group for me and my fellow admins ,who have put forth some real hard work to make the group as astounding as we can.The colors ,the intrinsic details in our logo is the representation of our culture which stated that no matter how far we are , each of our region/cities/people are still connected as one.

So Foodilish my friends stands for delicious food that we come across everyday.A page where people can find authentic reviews and home made recipes and connect to new people for the “love of food”.No matter their caste,color or creed ,a group that unites each one of us.We created the group to Spread love and happiness through food.Because we all need it. 🙂 That’s for me is “Foodilish” and that is enough for me to be part of it.

Hey do not forget to like our group on Face book  I have attached the link as well.Let me know your reviews in the comment below if any queries 🙂 Love to hear from each one of you!


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