The big 5 Lessons of Life (3 min read)

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Hey guys?

I hope you are doing well and awesome!

Here are some of the things I wanted to share with you guys as I have learned these through experiences:

1-The best thing about life is “It goes on”.The present is the present,the past is past and we do not have to visit it too often.Learn from it rather than stay stuck in it.Live at the moment.

2-Sometimes the best enemy in life are the one’s who are close to you .They do not want good for you no matter how much you do good for them.They would not change and you do not have to change for anyone as well.Move on ,make new friends.Because heck.Life is too short for anything but happy?isn’t it?

3-Be good to people.You do not have to look or make them feel unwanted and act like an asshole yourself.Karma is a bitch So do good and be little sympathetic to people.Now i am not saying to be the knight in the shining armor and act like a hero,do little deeds of kindness as it’s enough and it goes a long way.Trust me.

4-Never brag about your position or specifically worldly possessions .I do not know about you guys but i lose interest when people talk about  their family’s wealth ,their achievements ,how good they are in everything etc during their conversations .This only shows how much insecure those people feel that they want other people to be give them surety.Stay 100 miles away from braggers.Word of advice.

5-Explore this world as much as you can, take risks. Do not worry if you got few friends in life and do not worry if you do not have any.It’s never too late to make new one’s,never too late to explore .Just do not kill your dreams and the child inside you as age is only just a number. We will all die so why not spending the life and doing the things we love?I do not mean that you go on do whatever you want in life without any boundaries,be unethical,be a assassin or anything.It simply means have a vision in life and make the most of it in a positive way so that when you will die people will remember you for the good stuff you did.Not for the positions,achievements you got in this world.

I hope you would love these tips and If you got any in your mind as well do share it.Would love to hear from my fellow bloggers 🙂


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