A piece of cake not meant for me :D


Well ,being a marketer sometimes your duty is to do something out of your way.I being the last ray of hope for our group jumped to the conclusion that “Hella!I am going to act myself for the video”.Like a knight in the shining armor who comes to the rescue i thought i can do that as well.No not that ,unfortunately but something better than that.

Well well soon after the tiresome day I came home,thinking of ways how I am going to act out.I do not have anything. Neither a professional camera nor any magical gadgets that can transform me by just flipping a wand and saying “HOCUS PHOCUS” or ” “AVADA KADAVRA”and “BOOM” our video is magically made.But unfortunately that never happens the sad part isn’t it?.But what did i do instead ?You got to read it yourself now.

Well after having a careful and weak plan i decided that I should change into a guy’s clothes like the one’s “suffragettes” from the early 19th century used to do.Naaah not into those ,as I was not going to start a civil war now would I?  Instead I picked up a piece of Shalwar Kameez belonged to my elder brother(the one and only) from the cupboard ironed them as those little beasty were all crinkled *not so beasty now*.

Changing into your brothers clothes that’s one hell of a experience too. In front of his broad and muscular clothes I was the little kitten ready to be swallowed up in that huge gallows.Mustering up all my courage I jumped in ,changed into those clothes and voila I was transformed into a innocent looking guy 😀

Something was still not enough,I was not feeling happy with only wearing my brother’s clothes.My brain quickly jumped to another conclusion as if wearing someone else’s clothes was not enough,that something is still missing 😀 So what I did next?

Well,I picked up my “Luscious Eyeliner” *sobs” mind it these things are expensive eh.I draw mustache around my lips.Yeps i did that.No laughing here ,It was all for a noble cause i.e my precious video.No exaggeration here.I literally did that and took a Rolex watch and even wore my brother’s big boots to add an extra layer of a guy! 😀

Coming to the acting part even though with all the looks and all that stuff I tried at least 20 retakes to make up a good accent of a “Sindhi” person and mind you acting is not a piece of cake not at all especially when you are trying so hard.I tried ,I tried and  failed miserably at it .The truth is that maybe this piece of cake is not meant for me? But after all that my spirits are not crushed yet.I will give it a shot again ,this time not thinking about my appearance more instead working at the dialogues ,but all this will happen on some other day some other time.

Hey bloggers,do not forget to like and comment your views and also i will post the link to my video soon.So keep following my diary 🙂


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