That feeling,the big transition..


Hey guys,

As i am writing a diary about my life,today i took a big step and a transition too which many people are afraid to take.What was it ?You got to read my story then 🙂

Sometimes in life now matter  what we do or how much we try to neutralize the situations ,somethings are not meant to be.We may be giving a lot to stick to the situations ,to have all the strength to do something for your life but sometimes you have to take the decisions which are tough but it’s for a more good cause for yourself 🙂 so what is it i am writing so much for?Well it’s about a first job you have as a student and leaving it after a year.

Leaving a job is not easy but sticking to the job in which you are not happy is more difficult & unhealthy .I feel very much contended now then ever and with high hopes that I will be having more good opportunities in life I can experiment  more with my strengths and what this world has to offer .As first job is not your life do not think on assuming that it is the first and the last.keep striving for betterment.We are all somehow in mistaken that we are the epitome of perfectness No we are not,neither am i neither the people who i used to work for.But regardless of this fact life goes on Stay positive.Do not wish anything for anyone but peace for yourself and other’s as this world is already so full of hatred.I will now be opening to more new experiences and will be meeting new people on my journey.

Positive vibes,Positive feelings that what i feel .It may vary per situations or people but for me it means moving on in life and wishing & hoping best for everyone who were the part of my journey ^_^

Thank you for hearing me out.Let me know what do you think about this do you think i tool the right step?Would love to hear your part of the story as well.



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